Mission 143

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Friday August 19, 2011

Mission Report

Mary M is a 59 year old oncology nurse that found out she had abdominal cancer few years back and after multiple surgeries is unable to process food through her gut anymore. She was approved to be placed on the transplant list and traveled to IU Hospital in Indy to await visceral transplantation last March.

She is from Winston Salem North Carolina. Unfortunately due to her small size, she had to wait for pediatric-sized organs that never came available and her cancer was recently found to have returned. She became weaker and weaker and ended up on ventilator support last week. She was able to gain enough strength on intravenous nutrition and was able to wean off the ventilator and “wake up” and her wish was to get back to her home hospital in North Carolina to be near loved ones and friends.

Grace on Wings was called to get this servant home. When we arrived we were shocked to see only 80lbs on her 5’6″ frame. She was too weak to even raise her arm or speak above a whisper. She had difficulty in the ground ambulance due to the bumps in the road, but did not want any medication for pain. When we loaded her on Nellie we had to roll her to her other side because she had no padding to lay on her back.

The flight was a little over an hour (her husband said it was going to take him over 10 hrs to drive it over the mountains) but it seemed to take all the strength she had left. Our nurse Jackie kept hold of her hand in flight to comfort her. I was reading out of the book “90 minutes in heaven” and had to read aloud the 1 Corinthians quote about going to heaven and getting new bodies. Mary nodded when I reassured her she would get a new body in heaven and have no more suffering or pain.

When we arrived at Baptist hospital, Mary was greeted by some long time nursing friends and the shock of seeing her condition was easy to read. These nurses are truly servants of God in showing compassion to the suffering and dying. Who would have thought “one of their own” would be in that position. We prayed over Mary and were so happy to see her back with her family of nurses. We pray she’ll have the strength to hold on until her husband and family arrives.

Thanks to great help by Mark, Jackie and Justin for a great day!



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