Mission 138

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Kenosha, Wisconsin

Memphis, Tennessee

Tuesday July 12, 2011

Mission Report

Grace on Wings went out for second mission on same day!

We arrived in Kenosha, Wisconsin to
get Robert H.who is 59 year old who had been diagnosed with lung cancer only a few months
earlier. His cancer had already metastasized to his spine, causing him extreme pain and partial
paralysis. He had a high-tech internal morphine pump implanted into his spinal cord that was ran
by remote control to help keep him comfortable. Prior to his diagnosis he had been a healthy
truck driver.

When we arrived, we commented to ourselves how terrible it must be to be in your 50‘s and be
reduced to a nursing home. Our mission was to get him back to his birthplace near Memphis to
get yet another medical opinion and be closer to his family. His sister, Vera, was with him for the
flight and many other family members and even his Pastor were there to see him off.

We all
gathered to pray over him and loaded him onto Nellie-carefully watching his arms as he had no
control of them from falling off the cot.
After loading him-he was in extreme pain and we gave him some medication. He then went to
sleep and a few minutes later his sister told us how thankful she was for us and we later saw her
crying-Tami got up and gave her hugs.

Robert seemed comfortable for a while but then woke
up in some confusion and began yelling and cursing stating “they got it wrong” (with many
expletives) and seemed to be not only yelling at us-but at God himself. Who could blame him
after all the pain he was in and totally helpless to do anything for himself-so much had changed
in only a few months.

I assured him that we were there to help him and we all were volunteering
our time to get him to the doctor to see if more could be done to help his pain. He seemed to
calm down a bit and we gave him additional pain medication.
We arrived in a steamy 105 degree Memphis where a second ambulance took us to the oncology clinic.

Robert was joyfully reunited with another of his sisters and friends. We know Robert has a
difficult road ahead. We were honored to serve him in the name of Jesus. We will pray for
Robert, for healing and comfort. We had taken two flights that day and were blessed with
flawless scheduling, and safe smooth flying over 2000 miles.



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