Mission 128

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Phoenix, Arizona

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wednesday May 4, 2011

Mission Report

Knowing some of the science behind aviation usually makes me feel more secure in the air. But when we sent out on a mission to Phoenix last week, flying over the mountains, with the turbulence of the thermals-at times I felt like we would just as easily fall out of the sky than continue flying. That made me think about my faith. How often do I just “cruise” along and not even give a thought to the power that keeps me going. Nor do I contemplate that my Lord knows my past, present and future-until I feel like I’m about ready to “fall out of the sky”.

Earlier that day we were supposed to fly a man in his 30’s with brain cancer home from Kentucky to Michigan-it was a last minute add-on before our trip out west, but it fell through because the receiving hospital did not have an available bed.

The family and patient were so upset with us that we wouldn’t “just drop him off in the ER”-but that is not ethical. We had to apologize for not being able to serve them. I was upset but “gave it up to God” to have control. So we proceeded out to Oklahoma City to pick up our old friend and copilot Kyle for the next mission.

When we got out to greet him and refuel-I noticed fuel leaking out R engine. Hal was soon on the phone with our mechanic who “happened to be in same area” and was told to get Nellie there and they’d have the part waiting and would get us on our way quickly-and they did! Our friends at Intercontinental Jet (aka Nellie’s Spa) are so awesome-but what is more awesome is that God had known we were going to have a problem, and had worked out all the details! If we had pushed to “have it our way” we’d been stuck in Kentucky with a bad seal.

So a few hours later we landed in beautiful Phoenix to get Sister Mary Ruth, an 87 year old nun that had suffered brain trauma when she fell at home. Her health had been failing and her Convent wanted to get her home for better care in Milwaukee WI.

She had asked her best friend to come along for the ride. They had just visited the Holy Land 2 years ago and were fellow warriors in the battle of abortion-widely practiced in their city.

We had a smooth flight and landed in Milwaukee to grateful Sisters of Christ. I was honored to pray with medic Terry over her and joining hands with many other Nuns before we left, to thank our Lord for his protection and provision.

Thanks again to awesome flying by Hal and Kyle, and to great care by Medic Terry.



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