Mission 127

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Cleveland, Ohio

Augusta, Georgia

Tuesday April 26, 2011

Mission Report

Melvin C traveled to Cleveland Clinic from his home in South Carolina for a very serious chest aortic anuerysm surgery end of February. His wife was undergoing treatment for breast cancer so he begged his sister from Arizona to go with him. He was only expected to be in the hospital for a week. Unfortunately he lost a lot of blood during the surgery and after replacing so much blood he then had trouble clotting.

His chest had to be left open and he even had cardiac arrest the next day and was placed on ECMO (out of body blood oxygenation) for 6 days to allow his heart to heal. Amazingly he survived and his chest was finally closed. He remained on a ventilator and then suffered a severe stroke with paralysis on left side. His sister remained by his side for 53 days.

He was finally stable enough to go home yesterday and Cleveland Clinic called us to help get him home. He was still on oxygen but breathing on his own. All he could do to communicate was nod and make facial expressions. He had minimal movement of his R side.

When we tucked him in at Select Hospital in Augusta GA and prayed over him, he was exhausted from the day’s trip, but happy to be closer to home. His wife had not been able to see him and was now only 45min away and was on her way to be reunited with him. His sister was greatful to finally be going back to her family also.

We were treated to an amazing lightening show on the way back home to Indy. I had never seen such a beautiful display of lights in the sky. What power is shown and we prayed for the people on the ground riding out the storms. God was faithful and allowed us to stay ahead of the storm and get home safely.

Thanks to the great flying by Hal and Mark, and to great care by medic/nurse Matt.



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