Mission 124

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday April 2, 2011

Mission Report

Nina is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. Nina became very ill on February 18, 2011 and was admitted to the VA Hospital and been undergoing care and treatment for weeks.

Unfortunately Nina was not responding to the treatments in Indianapolis and she was being transferred to the the VA Hospital in Atlanta, GA for more specialized treatment. Being at the VA Hospital in Atlanta also meant the Nina would be closer to her daughter and grandchildren who live in the Atlanta area.

Nina was a very quiet lady and had a somewhat apprehensive look on her face. We prayed over Nina prior to departing Indianapolis, and Nina responded with a big “AMEN.” Nina said that she had flown before but she was “a little nervous.” In spite of being nervous she did very well, her condition was stable and other than a little turbulence upon landing in Atlanta we had a safe and uneventful flight.

Upon arrival at the VA Hospital in Atlanta we encountered a bit of a wait until Nina could be assigned to a room. Being a Saturday we had to wait for Nina to be assigned to a team and the physician on call had to write orders before she could be settled in her room. Fortunately Nina was stable enough to wait with us in the lounge just down the hall from the nurses station. The staff were very kind and saw that we had what we needed and that we were all comfortable.

While we were waiting Nina shared stories about her family and grandchildren. She spoke of a son that was currently deployed and in Afghanistan. She was very thankful for Grace on Wings and the services that were provided. We thanked Nina for her service to this country, all that she has done and all that her son is doing.

Once Nina was settled in her room we prayed that God would watch over her and that she would receive the treatment and care that she needed so that she would soon be able to go home to be with her daughter and grandchildren. At that point Nina smiled, thanked us again and picked up the phone to call her daughter and let her know that she was safe and sound.

I feel very blessed to have met Nina and to have made a difference in her life if only for a few hours. I thank God for a safe mission and a special thank you to a wonderful flight crew which consisted of Pilot Hal Blank, Co-Pilot Mike Anderson and Adrienne EMT-P. Thank you to the wonderful people of Heartland Ambulance Service in Indianapolis.

God Bless,

Debbie Biddle RN