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Mobile, Alabama

Indianapolis, Indiana

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mission Report

Bob W is 64 years old and was diagnosed last year with gallbladder CA. He came down from Fort Wayne to the IU Cancer Center for treatment. While in-between chemo treatments, he and his wife decided to go to Alabama for wedding for a very close friend. The day he arrived he began to fell badly and had weakness and diarrhea. When his son-in-law saw him, he told him he needed to be seen at ER but Bob refused. Later that night he passed out and his wife called 911.

He was extremely dehydrated and malnurished-they even started nutrition through his IV. After 5 days the weakness and watery diarrhea persisted and they decided to get him back to the IU Cancer Center for further eval/treatment. They found out his insurance would only cover a small percentage of air ambulance and the company they contacted refered them to us.

They didn’t tell Bob until we were on our way. When we arrived-he said he felt better than he had for days because he now had hope, and when they found out we were a Christian Mission, they new God had intervened to get them home. We loaded him up on our cot and he had so many different IV fluids going to keep him alive-our IV pole actually bent. During the flight, he told us he had to use the bed pan and we sprang into action to try to get the monitor off his legs and be able to roll him for assistance. He was so weak he could not help us. Hal rang back to the back to see what the commotion was and I just said “it’s a code brown.”

We just consider it part of our job and even laugh about it at times, but as JoLynne and I were helping to clean him up, I looked forward of the plane and Bob’s wife had tears in her eyes and mouthed the words “thank you”. I then realized how helpless he and his wife had been feeling, to loose his status as prominent lawyer and father, to requiring help with the basic functions of life. Good news was that they trusted God to pull them through, and definitely saw Grace on Wings as being part of that plan.

We arrived to Indy and were met by an awesome team from Heartland Ambulance who volunteered their service for Bob. They arrived in an ambulance painted in pink logos for Breast Cancer Awareness. The crew even wore pink shirts. We got a little lost finding the new Cancer Center part of IU-wow is it beautiful! Bob’s daughter met us and embraced her Mom and Dad with big tears of thankfulness to see him get back to the specialists that could help him, and to see God’s intervention with our team.

Thanks again to Heartland Ambulance, to great flying by Mark and Hal, and to expert care by nurse JoLynne.



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