Mission 117

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Waterloo, Iowa

Little Rock, Arkansas

Wednesday February 16, 2011

Mission Report

Stephen P is a 57 year old who found out he had multiple myeloma 2 months after retiring last year. He traveled from his home in Iowa to a Cancer specialty center in Little Rock for chemotherapy. He and his wife rented an apartment in the area so she could stay near him because the drive was 11 hours.

After a bone marrow transplant and treatment he was told he was in remission 2 weeks ago and he and his wife traveled back home. After routine blood work was done on Feb 15, it was discovered he had absolutely no platelets in his body. Somehow his body was destroying the vital blood clotting cells. If he had happened to fall or cut himself, he could bleed to death. He was admitted to the local hospital and given transfusions, but his body continued to destroy the new cells-he desperately needed to get back to the specialty center for help.

His sister is a member of Dr Milstead’s church (our medical director) and she called us for help. As God would have it, we had planned on attending a funeral in Texas and the Iowa to Arkansas trip was easily added (thanks to our crew agreeing to overnight). The funeral was for a top Mitsubishi industry person, and great supporter of our ministry-Tom B, who will be missed very much.

Stephen was seen off at the airport by his beautiful family and although he wanted to walk out to the plane himself, I was afraid he might trip and he agreed to a wheelchair ride 🙂 When he was talking about his condition-he told us that he’d accepted what God’s plan was for his life and anything less would only allow for bitterness. When I called to give “report” to the hospital upon landing-the nurse just said-“yep we know him well-see you soon.” I was inspired by Stephen’s faith and gentleness, and gave him a big hug goodbye.

We were then able to just make it to the visitation for Tom and we were also blessed to be able the next day after the funeral to pick up the daughter of Mission 115 (Sherry M) in Baton Rouge during refuel as her mom was back in Indy and getting sicker and she needed to be bedside with her brother. Sherry M had a “living will” that her kids graciously respected and she was allowed to see Jesus last Friday after all her family and pastor had gathered around her.

Thanks for the great 2 days God! And to as always great flying during huge cross-winds by Hal and DJ, and to great care by medic Adam.



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