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Kissimmee, Florida

Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday February 10, 2010

Mission Report

I never thought about travel insurance except when going to Peru, South America. I know that most people don’t realize that regular medical insurance won’t pay to get you home if you get sick on vacation. That is what happened to Sherry M, 64 years old, while on vacation to Orlando, Florida a few weeks ago.

She was eating dinner with family and began to feel ill. She was taken to the local hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia and septic shock. She had to be put on full life support as her family watched and prayed. She had fully recovered from a similar situation only 5 years ago after an emergency bowel surgery caused her lungs to fail.

As many of us can imagine, what would we do if our loved one became sick on our vacation and was in critical care in the hospital? Her daughter Trisha and son Todd both had full time jobs and families. They took “turns” staying with her but searched for a way to get her home. Their friend found Grace on Wings on the internet and as soon as her doctors thought she was stable, we came to get her back home to Indiana.

Sherry was still on ventilator support and sedated but her lungs were healing and we prayed over her as we loaded her onto the plane. During the last part of the flight back home we began to have difficulty ventilating her and Hal understood when I told him “fly fast”.

We were quickly guided into the Indianapolis airport by awesome controllers and we were immediately met by Heartland Ambulance-who donated their service for the day. I was so thankful for the skill and compassion the crew gave us and Sherry in getting her to the ICU at Community Hospital.

Thanks to God-once on the ground with normal air pressures, she stabilized again and was doing well. She continues to recover and will hopefully be off the ventilator soon. We received an email from her daughter yesterday that we would like to share:

Tricia wrote:

“Thank you all for taking such good care of my mom, Sherry M., on her Mission back home to Indiana this week. What you all do is amazing and provides so much peace to a family knowing that their ill family member is in Gods hands of Grace through your services. My brother, Todd, and I, along with all her friends and family are thankful for what you do.

God bless!”

Thanks to expert flying by Hal and Dave, and to my respiratory therapist Steven-we pray her lungs continue to heal in great care and family love back in Indy.



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