Mission 114

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Chicago, Illinois

Fort Worth, Texas

Thursday February 3, 2011

Mission Report

Grace on Wings had its 114th mission flying Mrs. A. George from Chicago , IL to Dallas , TX. Mrs. George was in India with her husband visiting family when she fractured her shoulder. She went into cardiac arrest during a surgical procedure, which left her in a vegetative state following surgery due to her brain going without oxygen for a prolonged time.

The George family had been in India for approximately 10 months when their visas ran out, so they were amazingly allowed to take a commercial flight from India to Dallas accompanied by a nurse. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Chicago when Mrs. George started having respiratory distress in the air. This left the Georges’ stranded in Chicago needing our assistance to get them home to Dallas where their nephew, a registered nurse, would be overseeing her care.

Nellie departed from Indianapolis , IN at approximately 12:00 noon on Thursday, February 3, 2011. Flight Crew on board consisted of Hal Blank, Pilot, Mike Clark, Co-pilot, Damien Crowder, EMT-P, and Jenny McKinney, RN. We landed at DuPuge Airport in West Chicago approximately 50 minutes away because of weather conditions causing most of O’Hare International Airport to close. Ground transport to Resurrection Hospital & Medical Center was lengthy due to multiple car wrecks on the way. We arrived at Resurrection Hospital to meet Mrs. George along with her husband. The family was very happy and appreciative to see us and to make their way home to Dallas .

The trip to Dallas was uneventful Mrs. George tolerated the flight without any respiratory complications. Thankfully the flight and landing went smooth because Dallas was also hit with an ice storm a few days before our flight. God was with us this day as weather in both Chicago and Dallas had been severe the days prior to our flight.

We had very little turbulence in the air missing a few snow storms, and the air strips, although still icy in spots, gave us little problems, Praise God. We successfully transported Mrs. George and her husband to Dallas to be cared for by family.

In God’s Love,

Jenny McKinney, RN

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