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Chattanooga, TN

Indianapolis, Indiana

Friday January 21, 2011

Mission Report

Jane H is a 73 year old with brittle bone disease and Parkinson’s. She weighs less than 110 pounds and her spine is collapsing from her weight. She had multiple procedures to build back up her collapsing vertebrae so she and her husband were not concerned when she underwent another surgery for her broken thoracic bone last December.

In the days following the procedure, she developed pneumonia and the doctors discovered she was not able to swallow correctly and was aspirating. She also had an unstable cervical spine in that her first vertebrae had subluxed over her second potentially compressing her spinal cord.

The doctors placed her in a neck brace and gave her a feeding tube as she continued to become weaker. Her husband was by her side most of the time and their daughter and son in Indy wanted to be there but it was over a 6 hour drive and with busy lives, they couldn’t be there much. They knew Jane’s body could not withstand the long drive to relocate her to a rehab in Indy, and it risked her getting more fractures and potential paralysis.

The son was an pilot and air traffic controller and knew about Grace on Wings and told the family that it was actually possible to relocate her through an air ambulance trip.

We flew out on a very cold blue-sky day and were able to safely get her from her rehab place in Chattanooga, TN onto Nellie and fly her the 1-hour flight to her new rehab in Indy. She and her family were so grateful to be reunited and Jane’s husband also now has the support he needs as he will be staying with there daughter.

When I told her I would be praying for her to regain her strength she thanked me and her husband said that prayer and faith had “got them through the tough times in their lives”.

I wish to thank Americare Ambulance for there continued support of our ministry in donating the ground ambulance trip for her in Indy-what a blessing!

Thanks also to great care by medic Glenn and for expert flying by Hal and Mike.



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