Mission 110

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Sarasota, Florida

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wednesday January 19, 2011

Mission Report

Gene S is an 80 year old “snow bird” from Grand Rapids, Michigan that somehow got a reinfection of his total knee replacement the end of December last year after arriving in Florida. He had fought the infection years before but unfortunately reoccurred. The doctors in Florida thought their only choice was to take out the metal implant and place an cement block implanted with antibiotics and give him IV antibiotics.

His wife says “he never woke up from the surgery December 27th”. He actually has been conscious but confused and “not himself.” After medical stabilization, the family’s only answer was to get him home around familiar surroundings and family to see if his confusion clears.

We were contacted by his son asking for us to help his parents get home. We arrived bedside to a host of family and friends that traveled with us back to the airport to see us off. Gene had been so confused at times that his doctor recommended he be sedated before we arrived and Gene was sleepy during most of our transport. His wife and a family friend who was an RN flew with us.

Turns out, they had been on many medical- church building missions in the past and once I heard that-I didn’t worry about them during the flight-despite some snow in Michigan. They have actually been to the same city, Moyobamba, in Peru that Hal and I were in with Dr. Milstead when we had the vision of “Grace on Wings.” As I thought-once you trust God in the Amazon-what’s a few clouds??

We landed on the ice (expertly by Hal) without problems. His son was there with tears to thank us (pictured hugging Hal and Dave). On the way to Gene’s home in the back of the ambulance, Gene began to speak. Initially he was not understandable but when told he was going home to see his dog “Daisy” he nodded and said “OK.” We tucked him in and prayed his head will clear in his home surroundings under hospice home-care.

We flew back home to Indy after a long day and developed severe icing conditions upon decent. I had forgotten how hard I could pray. Hal and Dave again expertly landed without problems and were able to warn soon arriving flights of the conditions. My main prayer during the rough part was “please God, let me go out with this mission You gave us to serve again”.

Wow how God is faithful.

Thanks to my awesome medic/RN Matt on last mission!



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