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Atlanta, Georgia

Chicago, Illinois

Thursday January 13, 2011

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Insurance Refuses Claim for Mother with Brain Injury

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God continues to show us in this ministry amazing people that have had tragedy strike, but are trusting in the hope of Jesus. Victoria M was a totally healthy 41 year old that went to her normal yearly checkup and passed out after blood work was drawn-in front of the staff. She fell back and hit her head and was knocked unconscious.

As an ER practitioner, I have never seen a true severe head injury from a fall from standing, but Victoria suffered a severe subdural bleed on the opposite side of impact. She was emergently taken to surgery and her skull was removed to allow for swelling. Her husband found care for their 3 kids-age 3, 4 and 7 to be by her side.

The next day the side of impact was bleeding and she had to go back for emergent craniotomy again. In the following days in late November 2010, the doctors gave her 50% chance of neurological recovery. In the weeks that followed, she failed to gain consciousness and the doctors in Atlanta told her husband Stephen basically to give up hope and take her to a nursing home.

Stephen and Victoria are architects and had been to an opening of a church she designed the day before she fell. They had wonderful careers and three beautiful kids-how could this happen?? They both were strong believers, and a family soon gathered around them for support–16,000 on caring bridge web site!

So many are praying for them. Stephen was sure God had not given up on them and was contacted by friends and doctors in Chicago that gave him more hope. At world renowned Rehab Institute of Chicago, they have a coma program where they have had success in “waking people up.” Her insurance called it “custodial care” and denied the intervention. Her family showed their support with prayers and financial donations and Grace on Wings was able to get her to the facility in Chicago last Thursday.

Prayers and progress have been made already-she stood up with assistance, is following many commands and even hugged her husband–how precious is that?? We pray for her continued recovery. I read on her caring bridge web site one of her friends said “go Jesus GO!!” What a miracle and blessing it would be to see her wake up!

Thanks to great care by medic Todd and new recruit nurse JoLynne! and for great flying by Hal and Mike.



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