Mission 108

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Jacksonville, Florida

Denver, Colorado

Saturday January 1, 2011

Mission Report

Jeanne G is 87 years old and was still living alone and flying back and forth from her doctors in Florida near her daughter’s and her home in Denver. She had a stroke while actually at her doctors visit at Mayo in Jacksonville FL and the quick action of the stroke team saved her life. She was recovering in rehab but it was 100 miles away from her daughter’s and her other friends and family were back in Denver. The rehab gave her family information about Grace on Wings (?not sure how they had a pamphlet) and Jeanne’s son-in-law, Wes, (a retired marine and airline pilot) was amazed at the mission and called us to come get her home.

He said he could see God’s hand in Jeanne’s life-not just that she had been with the right people during her stroke, but that we had a delayed mission coming out of Florida and were right there to take her on New Years Day.

Jeanne’s daughter was very nervous about the mission, and if they were making the right choice, and she said she felt “total peace” when we arrived and Medic Justin and I gave hugs and took over her care.

We were amazed at Wes (68 years old) as he had donned his old military flight suit for the trip! We always encourage a family member to fly along, but I think this was the first one this excited to ride on Nellie! Jeanne slept through most of the flight, as we enjoyed talking to Wes about planes, flying and especially about the Lord and his words from the book of John.

Jeanne began to have some increased work of breathing by the end of our 7 hours in Nellie. When we landed in Denver we felt it was best to have her evaluated at the hospital before going to the rehab center.

She ended up having a urinary tract infection and pneumonia and is doing well now after some antibiotics. Thanks to great flying (especially around the Arkansas weather system!) by Hal and Mike, and by expert care from Medic Justin, and for great company of Colonel Wes!



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