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Indianapolis, Indiana

Kansas City, Missouri

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mission Report

Karen C is a 70% service connected veteran who suffers from many mental illnesses including schizophrenia. She is currently not competent to make medical decisions due to a combination of medical and mental health problems. She relies on her sister/HC POA Kathleen to make medical decisions for her.

Karen was living for years in an ECF in Pekin, IL prior to being admitted to St. Francis in Peoria, IL. for respiratory distress. After stabilization, St. Francis looked to get pt transferred to a Kansas City facility, but level of care was not what she needed, recently being on a ventilator, and veterans benefits sometimes only apply to VA facilities. She was referred and accepted to Indianapolis VA hospital which was unfortunately the opposite direction of her family. Hospital documentation shows that her sister has been trying for many months to get her closer to Kansas City.

The case manager from Indy VA was amazing in orchestrating this trip to finally get Karen close to her sister. She had heard about Grace on Wings ministry from another veterans flight we did and contacted us. She even helped raise funding to help Karen’s sister afford the donation for flight. Americare Ambulance from Indianapolis also stepped in and graciously donated the ground service ambulance. When we arrived to her floor in Indy, we weren’t sure what to expect with her mental illness problems. We were overjoyed to see her smiling and very cooperative and excited to be finally flying home to be with her sister.

As I told her about the upcoming flight and pilot Hal who was my husband-we immediately connected! Her dad was named “Hal” and amazingly they both were from Brooklyn! The only thing she was concerned about was us bringing was a lovingly-made quilt from a local charity and of course her ID (what veteran wouldn’t?).

I helped to load her onto Nellie and I was off to work in the ER. I waved goodbye with a tear to know how awesome our Lord is to give us this ministry. After a great flight, the crew tucked her into bed in KC and were then blessed by the most amazing bbq ribs!! (Hal even brought me some!)

Thanks to great flying by Hal and Mike, and to RN Mark and RT Stephen for great care in getting Karen home.



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