Mission 102

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Topeka, Kansas

Indianapolis, Indiana

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mission Report

Earl S is a 78 year old who lives with his wife in Indianapolis. They traveled out to Topeka, Kansas to a dog show to display their pride and joy little Welch-Corgie. Earl only took daily vitamins and had not seen a doctor in years. Unfortunately he suffered from what is known as “the silent killer”-high blood pressure. Many people are unaware that they have it until damage is done.

While brushing his teeth in the hotel, he collapsed with a hemorrhagic stroke that left him with speaking difficulties and paralysis on L side. He also developed a common complication while in the hospital of aspiration pneumonia and was very sick when we went to pick him up. His wife had to get the dog back home and awaited his arrival back in Indy anxiously.

We had taken a prior patient from the Topeka Hospital and we even ended up with the same ground crew! It’s amazing how people remember our mission and Christ’s cross on our back.

We arrived at the hospital to pick up Earl and he was semi-alert, febrile and very weak. During the flight we had to fly at a lower altitude and give him breathing treatments to keep his oxygen at a normal level. We were met in Indy by the Americare ambulance crew, who graciously donates their service, and we loaded him up.

Amazingly Earl had been accepted to St Francis Hospital-where I normally work in the ER and we arrived with much appreciated Grace on Wings “goodies” for the ER staff. Earl was tucked into bed up on the tower floor by very attentive nursing staff. When I called to check on him the next day, they said that his wife and family where by his side, his lungs had greatly improved and they were already looking forward to getting him in rehab. (Amazing what healing home and loved ones provide.)

Thanks to great flying by Hal and Tommy, and to great care by my RT Mike.



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