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Rapid City, South Dakota

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mission Report

Bob and his wife flew out to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore and celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary 2 weeks ago. They had stopped to ask directions from a local area outside Rapid City when Bob collapsed and bystanders began CPR. EMS arrived and quickly shocked his defibrillating heart to get back a pulse.

He was stabilized at and local small hospital and then transfered to Rapid City Regional where they found he had an enlarged heart that suffered an arrythmia from low potassium and magnesium levels. They therapeutically put him in a hypothermia state to allow his body to heal and a few days later began to rewarm him. Unfortunately they found his brain had suffered greatly from the period of collapse and it was unsure whether he would ever “wake up”. Many of his family flew out from their home in Philly to be by his side.

His wife struggled with the fact that Bob had a living will and the doctors could not tell her for sure if he would ever “wake up”. She finally decided what was best for all is to get him back home where family support would be over the next period of his care.

Grace on Wings has flown two others from Rapid City and we were called in to show Christ’s love to this hurting family.

Over an 14 hour day, we flew Bob and his wife Mary Ann back home to Philly. He arrived at Presbyterian hospital at night. His wife was exhausted from the past 8 days of being by his side and the long flight to get him home.

I called the hospital the next day and the ICU nurse said “he is where he should be with family around his bedside”. The neurologist was running more tests to be able to tell them what Bob’s prognosis would be.

Thanks to great care from RT Katie, Medic Matt and expert flying by Hal and Mike.

We pray for Christ’s love to be shown to Bob and especially his family in this unexpected time of crisis.



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