Mission 100

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Chicago, Illinois

Sioux City, Iowa

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mission Report

Mission 100 (WOW-100 flights!!)

Jane O is 69 year old and up until a few months ago, lived alone in Wheeling IL. She found a lump on her breast in September and unfortunately it was cancer that had already spread to her spine.

She underwent mastectomy but the only that could be done for her spine was to give her a turtle shell brace to help spread the weight from her body when she is up. She could no longer get up without assistance and went from the hospital to a local nursing home in Chicago, but longed to be near her brother in Sioux City, Iowa. Her brother found Grace on Wings and we flew out to get Jane.

Superior Ambulance was again there to graciously donate their ground ambulance service in Chicago. When we arrived at Rosewood Nursing Home, she had two friends in her room to see her off and she said “no problem” with flying–she had been a flight attendant for years until she retired and has clocked more hours flying than all of us!

On the aircraft she was pleased we had sandwiches (unfortunately no peanuts!) She loved the flight and pointed out many places in Iowa as we were landing. There were buildings and farms she knew growing up. Her brother Dan still runs one of the farms.

He met us at the nursing home and was so happy to see his sister again. We pray God will bless her in her final days together with her family.

Thanks to great flying by Hal and Rusty, and to expert care by medic Eric.


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