Brenda was a strong independent lady who 18 months ago moved from her hometown of Norfolk, VA to Spokane, WA to be the Executive Director of a non-profit that serves the deaf and hard of hearing community (she is deaf herself). After suffering at least 4 strokes in a 6 week window and a prognosis of 3 months to live we knew it was important to get my mom Brenda Estes from Spokane, WA to Indianapolis, IN where my family lives so we could be near her and help her fight to prove the doctors wrong.

From the first conversation with Shelli all the way through the time she arrived at the facility outside of Indianapolis I knew God was at work through the wonderful folks at Grace on Wings. I could go on for days of how much Shelli helped me through the whole process step by step and handled the coordination with the facilities as well as helped keep my mom comfortable on the flight, Or Jason and the compassion he showed my mom while she was strapped in on Nellie trying to help ease the small bouts of discomfort my mom had. My mom still says everytime she gets some discomfort, Where’s Jason when I need him. And we cant forget Hal, His love for the lord and his ability to fly Nellie with a special touch to help keep the ride as smooth and comfortable as possible for the patient and family is an art that few can master but for Hal it is just another day at the office. Again I could go on for days but at the end of the day I am forever grateful for the folks at Grace on Wings and the love and support they have shown my mom and my family. They are true servants of the lord and through him anything is possible.